Army vehicles will be on the roads in the region for training this weekend


Canadian Army Reserve convoy training will take place at Collingwood, Wasaga Beach


From March 25-27, Canadian Army Reserve personnel from the 31st Service Battalion, Hamilton Support Company will conduct convoy training in the following areas: Hamilton, Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden, Alliston, Caledon , Wasaga Beach, Collingwood and Clarksburg.

Activities will include vehicle training on planned routes between Hamilton and CFB Borden, in the CFB Borden training area and surrounding areas. No disassembled drills are provided unless maintenance is required.

All activities will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Members of the public may see military vehicles on the following highways: 401, 403, 400, 407, Highway 50, County Road 15, Ontario 89 E, County Road 10 and Oak Street in Collingwood.

The 31st Service Battalion is a unit of the Canadian Army’s 31st Canadian Brigade Group and is a unique element of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) whose task is to strengthen the Canadian Army by providing combat support soldiers in the following lines of operation: respond to a domestic operation within 24 hours when Canadians are in danger; ability to operate effectively in a full range of operations, particularly in a combat environment; and the provision of high level technical services to all CAF assets in our area of ​​responsibility.

The 31st Service Battalion has approximately 400 troops, both regular and reserve force. The battalion is organized into a battalion HQ, a HQ company, four support companies and a technical services platoon located in London, and with support companies in Windsor and Hamilton.

This important training is conducted to keep the skills of Canadian Army members current, including convoy drills, resupply and driver discipline, while operating specific vehicle platforms. All participating soldiers will practice force health protection measures based on and in addition to public health guidelines.

All measures are taken to ensure a minimum of inconvenience to people in the areas mentioned. Members of the public are asked to use extra caution when approaching military vehicles and are thanked in advance for their understanding and cooperation.



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