An essential worker kept smiling throughout the pandemic


If you’re a regular customer at Collingwood McDonald’s on First Street, you might recognize the smiling face of Carly Bartoletti.

For this week’s edition of People of Collingwood, we spoke with Bartoletti, 27, manager of Collingwood McDonald’s.

Q: How long have you lived in the Collingwood area?

A: I was born at Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. So all my 27 years.

Q: Where did you go to school growing up?

A: I went to Jean Vanier, but it’s Notre-Dame de la Baie now.

Q: What is your job and can you tell me a bit about it?

A: I am responsible for the human resources department at Collingwood McDonald’s. I have just been promoted to People Market Manager for the Wasaga Beach and Collingwood sites.

I started as a crew member and worked my way up. I’ve been at McDonald’s for nine years.

Q: What are the things you really like about your job and what are the things that are really difficult?

A: A large part of my job involves training new staff and continuing education for current staff. I like being the person people can go to. I love my team. We all support each other. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my mentors here. I love coming to work every day.

Q: Do you have regular guests?

A: Our regulars are definitely what drives us. We can’t wait to (see them). There are people who come every morning for coffee. My colleague, Carol, knows everyone’s name. To have that connection with them is absolutely amazing.

We are a place they look forward to in their day. It’s routine for some people. Every Friday evening, there are families who come, and it is their routine.

Q: McDonald’s has been open throughout the pandemic, albeit with different rules, policies and procedures depending on the current health advice on any given day. What was this experience like?

A: When we had to open and close the lobby, it was difficult because we don’t see the regulars.

It’s hard for us, and it’s hard for them.

When we reopened after the first closing, I decorated the lobby and checkouts with “Welcome Back!” placards and set up balloons. For some it was like coming home because they saw their friends here all the time.

McDonald’s gives us all the information we need for policies and procedures, so we just have to pass that information on to our team.

We were very lucky not to have had any major incidents of people refusing to wear masks or sit down without a vaccination certificate. Our guests are amazing.

It can be hard on the mental health of some of our children in the crew. They’ve been in and out of school and educated online. It was hard for them. I think we got a lot of support.

The owner was offering all the crew and their families free meals on Fridays as a thank you. It lasted for months.

The labor shortage weighed on us a bit. Part of my job is to interview and hire.

There was a time when our lobby closed at 8:00 a.m. It normally closed at 10 p.m.

I hired about 20 new employees, and now we’re ready to go.

Q: Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time?

A: I like spending time with my family. I have a four year old daughter.

I also like DIY. I own a Cricut so I do a lot of vinyl pieces like Christmas decorations and cards. I love DIY.

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