‘Aggressive’ dog in Ontario attacked 1-year-old baby and sent him to hospital


This article contains graphical content that may not be suitable for some readers.

A woman and one-year-old child were allegedly attacked by a dog this week, and the Timmins Police Service and Timmins Animal Control are asking for the public’s help.

On January 18 at approximately 9:56 a.m., a woman was walking with the baby at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Templeton Street in Schumacher when a dog “suddenly” approached her and attacked her, according to a Press release.

The woman fought off the dog and suffered minor injuries, but sadly the young child ‘sustained significant injuries as a result of the attack and had to be hospitalized for his injuries’.

According to police, the dog’s owner did not appear to be present at the time of the attack. He is described as a larger breed with a white coat and a brown patch on his face.

Katie Goudreau, the girl’s mother, begs the dog’s owner to come forward.

“WHO OWNS THE DOG PLZ COME AHEAD!!! My baby is badly injured please someone you can’t tell me your dog didn’t come home full of blood!!!!!!” reads his post on Facebook.

“Kamyra is 15 months old and we don’t even know if your dog has rabies, my poor baby needs rabies treatment because you won’t show up, she could also have permanent nerve damage to her face!!!”

Timmins Animal Control is investigating the incident with the assistance of the Timmins Police Department and is asking anyone with relevant information to call Timmins Police at 705-264-1201 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222 -TIPS.


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