A Ukrainian family seeks refuge in Barrie, Ontario. women


In Barrie, Ont. A woman opens her door to a Ukrainian family of more than a dozen who settle in Simcoe County after fleeing their war-torn country.

Cathy Locke says the family of 11 are welcome into her home for as long as they need it.

“There’s nothing that can give me more joy than what I’m doing right now,” she says. “When my husband died, the war was in Ukraine, and I had this big house.”

Locke says the act of kindness was inspired by a trip to Ukraine 15 years ago and something her husband reportedly supported.

“We were there. We saw the kids, and there was so much pain and challenges. I mean, it takes you two weeks to decompress when you get home,” she notes.

The family that stays with Locke helps him around the house.

Locke says the children help clean up without being asked, and their father is grateful his family is safe from Russian bombs.

Using an app to translate, he says it’s people like Cathy who open up his home to others that makes all the difference for families like his.

“Thirteen beautiful people, I get more joy from them than they get from me,” Locke said. “Yeah, they get housing, but I really feel a lot for their kids.”


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