A guide to the 12 best places to visit in Ontario based on your zodiac sign


Lacking inspiration for your next trip? Your answer might just be written in the stars.

Narcity spoke with astrologer Sara Elise Gordon about Sara Elise Astrology to discover the best places in Ontario to visit based on your zodiac sign. Whether you’re a “bold Leo” or a creative Pisces, here are his top spots to check out that will match your energy.

Capricorn: Casa Loma

Price: $30 per adult

Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: “Capricorn appreciates old-world charm and luxury, especially when a bit of ‘fall from grace’ scandal lurks just below the surface,” Gordon says. “Castle Loma is one such sight. Austere and steeped in history, this attraction offers nearly 200,000 square feet of elegance on which the sure-footed Capricorn can dream his own royal dream of milder times, culture sophisticated and societal escalation (and faux pas). Capricorn can enjoy the lavish gardens, splendid European architecture, timeless decor, and Blueblood Steakhouse. (Yes, it’s actually called that).”


Cancer: Sandbanks Provincial Park

Price: Prices vary

Address: 3004 County Road. 12 Picton, ON

Why you need to go: According to Gordon, Sandbanks Provincial Park is the place to be if you have Cancer. “Dear warm Cancer loves nothing more than a tidy campsite and a basket full of friends to cook with. The Sandbanks tent and caravan community springs up every summer like clockwork – a cozy gathering of cheerful children , festive youngsters and chilled out adults.It’s all here to enjoy the warm shallow waters, beautiful views and bright blue skies.Like traveling with your own home, Sandbanks is so comfortable!A wonderful place for a homebody who loves relax in nature, bask in the comfort of loved ones.”


Aries: Algonquin Provincial Park

Price: Prices vary

Address: Ontario 60, ON

Why you need to go: “Algonquin is definitely in the Aries wheelhouse,” says Gordon. “Always looking for a path to walk, a hill to climb, and an adventure to make the most of, Aries loves immersive action to the point of exhaustion. The dirtier and harder it gets, the better. And nothing is as good for sparking. Aries’ competitive spirit rather than a canoe trip in the backcountry…especially if he can invite a few friends over to show his skills with. backcountry skills and indulging in spontaneous sporting feats.”


Lion: Canada’s Wonderland

Price: $39.99+ per ticket

When: Opening April 30, 2022

Address: 1 Canada’s Wonderland Dr., Vaughan, ON

Why you should go: “Canada’s wonderland is the soul of the Lion,” says Gordon. “Tall, brash, bold and brilliant, Leo loves to have fun and play. Leo loves riding the excitement of a big crowd, being carried along by tides of thrills and preening in the drama of show-off escapades. This is especially true if Leo is accompanied by a group of his closest and best, whom he can brilliantly inspire to reach his own daring heights.”


Balance: Trius Winery

Price: Prices vary by experience

Address: 1249 Niagara Stone Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Why you need to go: According to Gordon, this perfectly pink vineyard is the place to be for Libras. “Sweet Libra will enjoy the light coquetry of this magnificent cellar. Dressed in her finest summer linens and a pair of treasured apartments, this is Libra’s idea of ​​a getaway. Small indulgences, grounds beautifully designed, photoshoots and of course a romantic companion (or four)… Trius is photo precious, and Libra can’t wait to indulge, relishing the feeling of being taken on a private tour, fine dining at Trius’ exclusive restaurant and resting her head on the finest white bed in their beloved Riverbend Inn Luxurious pampering for our favorite hostess, Trius is Libra’s time to sit and be served in a style that lives up to its high standards.


Scorpion: Blue Mountain Resort

Price: Prices vary by activity

Address: 190 Gord Canning Drive, The Blue Mountains, ON

Why you need to go: “Scorpio loves super-intense opportunities for engagement — physical, emotional, athletic, culinary, intimate,” Gordon says. “Yet most importantly, participation in a fascinating activity must be combined with the ability to retreat into intimacy. Blue Mountain Resort offers a perfect playground for these incandescent thrill seekers. They can immerse themselves in natural wonders , prove their athletic prowess, blend into luxurious hot tubs and spas, and merge with their loved one over fine dining (and crisp hotel linens.) Not garish or blatantly loud, this complex offers sophisticated titillation and as much depth as one is willing to immerse themselves in.


Aquarius: Cheltenham Badlands

Price: $20+ per vehicle

When: Opening date to come.

Address: 1739 Olde Base Line Road, Caledon, ON

Why you need to go: This surreal red tundra is the perfect place for an Aquarius to explore, says Gordon. “Aquarius doesn’t do anything the same as anyone else. Period. They need to be self-sufficient. As such, they tend to enjoy ‘off the shelf’ things. Cheltenham’s badlands are such an Ontario anomaly. Instagram photos are sure to delight as Aquarius shares his new adventure with friends and family. The colors are literally out of this world, and the terrain looks more like a scene from a sci-fi movie than to a peaceful countryside destination! A perfectly alien adventure for our favorite aliens, and for that as a little something new in our lives (sign me up!).”


Virgo: Royal Botanical Gardens

Price: $19.50 per adult

Address: 680 Plains Road. O., Burlington, ON

Why you should go: “Simple and natural, beautiful Virgo loves symmetry, finely tended gardens with just a touch of wildness, and the ability to fill her lungs with long, languid breaths of ambrosial warmth and pure air,” says Gordon. “Ah, the glory of unspoiled nature! Now it’s clear the Virgin would prefer a visit to the famous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, but Ontario’s Royal Botanical offers a close-to-home option that’s filled more than meets the eye.There is a herbarium that houses over 60,000 vascular plant specimens, a library with over 10,000 books detailing the history of RBG and horticulture in Canada, and an ongoing research center that studies everything from plant taxonomy, ecology and zoology. Does it smell good too? Happy Virgin! Don’t walk, RUN.


Gemini: Wasaga Beach

Price: Prices vary

Address: 1 Jenetta Street, Wasaga Beach, ON

Why you need to go: Get ready for a beach vacation, Gemini! “Ah, where is Gemini happiest? Surrounded by people, parties, and light entertainment, it’s there. Add some chilled Prosecco and a hot dog or two, and Gemini is relaxed, happy, and pleasantly energized, at least for a few hours. Luckily, Wasaga Beach is near the GTA, so Gemini can easily make a day trip to this beach beauty. Sun-bleached and saturated with sand, Gemini will relish fast-paced but intense physical adventures. Our favorite experienced sprinters, Geminis dart eagerly between groups of friends, side trails, watching the nature, the Great Lakes Lighthouse, the museum…and can even join in a game of beach volleyball. Thrilling fun for our fiery twins.”


Taurus: Niagara Falls

Price: Prices vary by activity

Address: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Why you need to go: “Ah, Taurus. A reliable day trip (even better, overnight) to Niagara Falls is a perfect treat buffet for dear Taurus,” says Gordon. “They don’t want anything too difficult or complicated: just beautiful, simple and fun. (And don’t forget the food, thank you very much.) And to make things even easier, Niagara Tourism offers pre-packaged sightseeing packages and itineraries to close at hand: nature, restaurants, butterflies, zipline, casinos, vineyards… it’s all here. Comfortable to get to and easy to enjoy at a slow, steady pace.”


Fish: Stratford

Price: Free

Address: Stratford, Ontario

Why you should go: “Every summer, the creative soul soars free in Stratford, Ontario,” says Gordon. “Theatre fills the streets, song is in the air, and the summer is pleasant. Pisces will revel in this historic and beautiful city… strolling gently through the vaporous cotton streets, sipping lemonade on the terraces, savoring art and culture. Fantasy and magic are some of Pisces’ favorite things, and a weekend in Stratford is sure to feel like you’ve been whisked away to another world. Just watch out for the Pisces…you might not want to go home.


Sagittarius: Manitoulin Island

Price: Free

Address: Manitoulin Island, ON

Why you should go: “Sagittarius loves adventure,” says Gordon. “Good times in great places” is a travel motto for this larger-than-life archetype, and a visit to Manitoulin Island can satisfy their urge to explore. From the 1.5-hour ferry ride to authentic First Nations powwows, to swimming in the deepest and largest freshwater island lake on the planet, Sagittarius can have a great time in the nature AND relaxing with kind-hearted locals over a pint or three. And on the mainland in Tobermory, be sure to visit the Grotto, where rocky cliffs and carved caves provide archaeological intrigue.


Before you go, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart, and above all, be respectful on your adventure.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.


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