160 cases of coronavirus linked to the Watershed Music Festival


More than 160 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed among people who attended the Watershed Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheater, the Grant County Health District announced on Friday.

“The outbreak is the first attributed to an outdoor entertainment event since the statewide lifting of COVID-19 prevention measures in late June,” said Laina Mitchell, of the Grant County Health District, in a press release.

More than 25,000 fans packed the Gorge for the three-day outdoor country music festival, July 30 to August 1, the Seattle Times reported. It was the largest concert in the state since the start of the pandemic.

The cases are linked to residents of several counties in Washington state and a resident of Oregon.

Grant County health officials expect more cases to be confirmed in the coming days. Investigators are working with those who have tested positive and with local public health officials to identify additional cases. Public health officials are urging everyone who attended the festival to self-quarantine and get tested.

The organizers of the Watershed festival said they were “working to ensure that all guidelines recommended by local authorities were followed and that currently less than 1% of attendees have tested positive.”


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