15 things Miami people brag about in March, because we can


Daylight saving time may have messed up our sleep this month, but unlike the rest of the country which is always worried about snow and other seasonal inconveniences, Miamians couldn’t be happier we’re in March. In fact, the city’s perfect climate and busy social calendar make us downright arrogant about living here. Can you blame us? Excuse us for a moment while we take a minute to brag about how great it is to live in Miami in March.

1. Blizzards? We’re in bikinis working from the pool today.

2. Either we attended one or we live near a killer college in March Madness.

3. We love to take a ski vacation. We can’t go to the beach all weekend, can we?

4. We can jump in our cars, go to the beach, and pretend we’re on spring break every weekend. Better yet, we’re walking to the beach right now.

5. We snagged tickets to this year’s nearly sold-out Ultra Music Festival.

6. We can start wearing all the adorable lewds of spring.

7. It’s March, which means we’re already sporting a natural tan.

8. This month, catch us celebrity spotting and drinking champagne at the Miami Open.

9. We have hot days and cool nights – think LA weather without big drops in temperature.

10. Flights to Miami are very expensive but by plane from Miami is incredibly cheap. New York for $150 round trip? We will take it.

11. March in Miami is what July in New York and April in Los Angeles are to concert season. Long live the shows!

12. We can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day outdoors, by the pool and just about anywhere.

13. March is filled with street festivals and outdoor events.

14. We can drink outside.

15. We don’t need to stock our pantries with non-perishables in the event of a blizzard, which leaves more room for wine, of course.


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